AJ + Ella

Well, where do I start? Two absolutely beautiful kids having the time of their lives simply playing in the back yard… (well with the help of a few bubble machines!). This was more of a lifestyle shoot than what I have been doing lately and it was so much fun capturing kids in their normal environment! Definitely a challenge for me getting into new situations and going for it. I need to do more of this! Trying to find some magic in unfamiliar spaces is such a great challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Look at those kids, who would say no to seeing those smiles first hand. Mum and Dad certainly brushed up quite well too…:)

Allie - Oh my lordy Luke these shots are amazing. You are so very talented!! I so wish I could afford your services!! Love your work!! Keep it up I absolutely love checking out your blog.

(Beck’s Sis in case you forgot lol)

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